Eat San Sebastian

Born to celebrate the hidden gems and famous temples of Basque gastronomy, Eat San Sebastian is a private company of expat San Sebastian professionals based in London, which specializes in organizing gastronomic tours and workshops. We worked with them in the creation of an attractive brand to encapsulate the high quality offered by the company to its clients in every experience.

The selected typographies embody the balance between tradition and contemporaneity evident in a region with a wide range of gastronomic and cultural initiatives. Underscoring the word “eat” allows the brand to remain easily adaptable in the future to other contexts, in tune with its organic nature. Using simple pictograms to illustrate experiences further supports the identity. Inspired by the region’s maritime character, the corporate blue is stressed on both communication pieces and the website.

Photography was fundamental to this project. We developed the artistic direction through the use of high quality photographs to enhance the brand’s image and its connection to the gastronomic and urban experiences it offers.

Year: 2014
Art Direction & Design: Gema Navarro, Santos Henarejos
Typographies: ITC Barcelona, Pitch
Photos: Ainhoa Gurrutxaga