After working in shared offices for years, the founders of teta&teta decided to create a co-working space that goes a step further, developing a concept based on sharing and trust. Located in downtown Madrid, the headquarters of teta&teta have no lockers, no set opening or closing times—it’s just friends sharing a working space. As their slogan says:  “We are a small co-working studio shared by independent professionals who have chosen a job that is too beautiful to do it alone and in pajamas.”

“Teta” is Spanish for “boob,” and boobs always come in pairs; that is where the name teta&teta comes from. Moreover, the name makes reference to the phrase “pasárselo teta,” meaning to have a great time. We decided to work with pale pink, red tones and elegant typography to add curves and sensuality to the brand.

We were hired to design the logo and a simple website outlining the philosophy of the studio, the co-workers who are part of it and the products derived from the brand, such as “el entre-teto” (“the in-between-boobs"): an ampersand necklace that when worn conjures the name of the office. 

Year: 2012
Art Direction & Design: Gema Navarro, Santos Henarejos
Typography: Austin
Naming: Molaría
Interior design: María Lladó
Development: Dos de pipas
Website: tetaandteta.com