The Eight Project

Photography and snowboarding are closely connected in many different ways, but there is no true and free creative outlet for photographers to showcase their images as they envision them. The Eight magazine allows photographers to express themselves without the usual constraints of traditional publishing. We were involved in this amazing project, creating a different identity that breaks the stereotypes.

Inspired by its name, we selected a strong typeface to create a bold and powerful brand. The project gathers eight photographic stories from eight different photographers. The paper magazine can be purchased online and the digital version can be downloaded for free from the minimally designed website, where the material can also be enjoyed as a full-screen slide. 

Year: 2013
Art Direction & Design: Gema Navarro, Santos Henarejos
Typographies: Goudy sans, GT Walsheim
Photo: Jérôme Tanon
Development: Pepe Trigo