The Outpost

Launched in Lebanon in 2012, The Outpost is a magazine of possibilities. It identifies, understands and analyzes the conflicts, morals, energies and opportunities of a changing Arab world and lays down potential roads ahead. It aims to ignite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Arab world by inspiring its readers to explore a world of possibilities. We designed the whole branding project and developed its applications such as stationary, advertorials or the website.

Based on its own description of itself, we worked on the idea of seeing through a spyglass. The Outpost, represented as a flag, exposes that which lies beyond our comfort zone, beyond the boundaries of everyday life in the Middle East.

We also developed a one-page website with a store from which the magazine can be purchased and with snippets of information about side projects.

Year: 2012
Art Direction & Design: Gema Navarro, Santos Henarejos 
Typographies: Leitura, National