The Eight Magazine

Photography and snowboarding are closely connected in many different ways, but there is no true and free creative outlet for photographers to showcase their images as they envision them. The Eight magazine features eight photographers and allows them to express themselves without the usual constraints of traditional publishing. As well as the brand, we developed the main component of the project: a magazine-format snowboard photography book.

We tried to be as unintrusive as possible in terms of design, working with few elements and letting the images speak for themselves. We assigned around 15 pages for each photographer to articulate their story, always preceded by an introductory text. Meanwhile, the final pages of the magazine contain additional information.

Moving away from traditional numbering, we decided to work with colors, starting with black for the first issue. Each volume’s color theme features heavily in the text and the background of key pages.  

Year: 2013
Art Direction & Design: Gema Navarro, Santos Henarejos
Typographies: Goudy sans, GT Walsheim