La Noche de los Libros 2016

On the occasion of World Book Day, the Region of Madrid holds since 2004 La Noche de los Libros, an event where artists, writers and booksellers take part in activities carried out around the city and the region of Madrid. In 2015, Rifle took care of the creative direction, art direction, coordination and graphic production of the event. In 2016, Rifle redesigned the branding and designed and developed the new site for La Noche de los Libros.

Our proposal was to redesign the logo from its very essence, the silhouette of the Moon, which had blurred away over the years. We created a new logo based on a more iconic outline: the crescent. From there, we created a comprehensive, strongly geometric, symbol-logo composition system that could be adapted to different branding elements, allowing us to build a flexible and functional identity.

In order to recover the street spirits of this event, we put forward a claim intended to an audience of city-walkers.

Year: 2016
Typographies: Galano Grotesque, Caslon
Art Direction & Design: Gema Navarro
Development: Alicia Barrientos
Photos: José Morraja
Website: lanochedeloslibros