Makeshift 14: Harvest

Formed in 2011 and redesigned with the launch of Issue 9 in 2014, Makeshift is a field guide to hidden creativity. From homemade aircrafts in Nigeria to drug smugglers in Mexico, Chinese hackers pushed up against the Great Firewall to Haitian communities pushing back against marginalization, the quarterly magazine uncovers creative solutions from the economic fringe. Makeshift is part of a new breed of magazines passionate about their content, form, and community.

The Harvest Issue was structured in three chapters with individualized icons: “Grow,” “Gather” and “Organize.” Some stories here focus on more tradicional concepts of Harvest: farmers using Whatsapp to trade tips in rural India or heroin poppy growers in Mexico. 

Year: 2014
Art Direction & Design: Gema Navarro
Typographies: Clearface, P22 Underground
Illustrations: Aleksandar Savic, Smoking Pig Studio